Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let Life Flow Through You

Lighten up and let life flow through you, and be on the waves as they go up and down.

A great image in mythology is Tristan (Tristan and Isolde).
He's out there on a little boat without an oar,
without a rudder, on the Irish sea . . .

You float your way. You drift.
... be extravagantly
accepting and forgiving
of yourself and others.

Ride the waves and let life take you
where it has good things for you.

- Thomas Moore


Natalie said...

Easier said, than done for me. I try, but obviously, i could improve somewhat. :)

Editor said...

Thanks, Lyn for quoting Thomas Moore at Barque: Thomas Moore. Your readers may be interested in this blog dedicated to Moore's work. It connects to a free forum that encourages community engagement.